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Prince Motorgroup is dedicated to sourcing bespoke luxury and prestige cars for the discerning private client.

Our experience in the UK luxury car market is unrivalled and can satisfy the prestige and luxury car desires of our exceptional client base. Our unique blend of experience in elite cars, combined with having exclusive insight in to the specific expectations of the private client make Prince Motorgroup the preferred choice.

Prince Motorgroup offers a personal search and select services that fulfils the specific requirements and expectations of our clients and provides prestige cars of the highest standard. Our range of luxury cars includes Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Ferrari and Porsche and our bespoke search service can guarantee the sourcing of our clients’ dream car.



The ultimate in British prestige car brands with a deep history in motor racing. Bentley has produced some of the most desirable prestige cars in the world.

A Le Mans five-times winner in the 1920’s, Bentley has maintained its motor racing heritage, setting the world speed record on ice with speeds of 205.48mph in a Continental Supersports Convertible. 

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One of the most successful racing car brands in the world, this Italian luxury brand has competed in season of Formula one since the 1950s and hold the record for the most race titles. 

Since 1929, Ferrari have produced some amazing vehicles that have proved to be popular all over the world, with both luxury car enthusiasts and celebrities.

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The epitome of Italian luxury sports cars since the 1960s. Lamborghini is synonymous with the Lamborghini Miura, the Diablo and the 70’s “Countach”, one of Lamborghini’s most popular cars in the brand’s history.

Lamborghini offers a unique sports car, which is always sought after by car enthusiasts. The current range includes the Spyder, Gallardo and more recent Aventador which is looking to become Lamborghini’s new flagship model.

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The luxury German car brand, Mercedes-Benz has become one of the world’s most loved prestigious cars. Mercedes-Benz have a wide range of luxury cars from its E-Class and CL-Class to the SL-Class ranges, as well as the specialist AMG equipped model editions.

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Undoubtedly the most iconic German sports car manufacturer. The Porsche car marque has enjoyed many race wins around the world which include the coveted Le Mans 24 Hours in France. The epitome of the Porsche sports car will always be the Porsche 911, now considered to be a modern classic.

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Range Rover

The original luxury off road vehicle and the benchmark for all other SUVs. Prince Motorgroup have an extensive range of these luxury four wheel drive sports utility vehicles from Land Rover. A prestige brand which is highly regarded around the world, whilst making some of the best luxury SUV’s including the new ground breaking Range Rover “Evoque”.

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We offer a luxury and tailored brokerage service that is the advisable way to sell our clients’ cars. We offer collection, service, storage, marketing and finance services and are committed to providing a personalised service that is tailored to our client’s unique wishes.

Prince Motorgroup is committed to delivering a seamless buying experience, offering a personal finance service that provides privileged access to the finest and bespoke services in the market. A customisation service is also available that includes sourcing personalised registration plates and providing commissioned    interiors, customised wheels, tuning and wrapping.

With conveniently located showrooms in Potters Bar and Humberside, Prince Motorgroup can work with clients from across the UK and offers a complimentary delivery service to a location of your choice. 

The management team of Prince Motorgroup have over 20 years’ experience in both the luxury car industry and in working with VIP and private clients across the UK. This unique combination makes Prince Motorgroup uniquely positioned to deliver and unrivalled client experience.

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